I'm a Programmer

I'm an Architect

I'm an Consultant

I'm a Trainer

I'm a Speaker

I'm a Farmer

If you have ever used Eclipse IDE or Weblogic Server or Google Cloud's API Manager, then you have seen some of my code in action

From a simple ecommerce site, to an open source product, to a complex systems that processes $100 billion dollars worth of Hedge Funds, I've designed software systems at right scale

I work on specific assignments like design a product & guide the team till the initial launch or clean up the tech debt of a legacy code or provide digital transformation for the decades old product

On need basis, I conduct training sessions. Mostly on Better Programming, Software Architecture and Agile Methodologies & Practices

I speak at many tech conferences like Eclipse Day India, Java User Group, .Net Meetup and Software Architect Meetup

Oh yeah! Organic farming is my passion and also this is what keeps me sane. If you need any tips or help, just ping me. It's the only service I do for free 😊